Video Diary

“Boom Boom” by Crystal Good

“Mountain Dulcimer” by Crystal Good (at Frostburg State University)

Crystal Good at Mountain Keepers (various poems)

“Dem Boys” by Crystal Good (Mountain Keepers Music Festival)

“WV Mourning” by Crystal Good

“Not – A – Poems” by Crystal Good

“Modern Day Mommy” by Crystal Good

“Moss” by Crystal

“Paper Confessions” with Crystal Good

12 thoughts on “Video Diary”

  1. I am going to give your website to a small producer that I know, If he is interested in your work, he will contact you. He is so small, that no $ would be available but this video’s are shown in at least 150 countries. They are looking to grow. He is second generation WV hillbilly and loves the state.

  2. Would so love to see a video of “Black Diamonds” on here. Your words have echoed in my head all day.

  3. I listened to your work, it moved me to say the least. In the wake of National Poetry Month, I would love to profile one or two of your pieces on my Facebook page. Unfortunately, because it is a business page, I am unable to Like you or Friend you… so, please Like us on Facebook. The page is called, “Sharing Her Shoes”. If you are unable to submit a piece for us to post this month, then please, do not hesitate to submit something at a later date. Just be sure to Like our page. I would like to follow your written and spoken word and have the ability to profile it for our viewers. Blessings…

    1. Wow Crystal! You are indeed talented and beautiful. I stumbled upon this site and noticed you looked very familiar. I recognized you from SC youth games I coached. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ms.Good,my name is C. Milton Kates and I also write poetry and attended West Virginia State University. However, much before your time. I would be very pleased to have some of your poetry. You may be able to view some of my poems at “A collection of poems By C. Milton Kates”Love to hear back from you.

      1. Crystal, you may find my poetry on line at A collection of Poems by C. Milton Kates. I will attempt to send you something on your email address.

  5. Crystal, you have some very powerful pieces of work. How do we contact you for an appearance and reading?

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