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Boom Boom The Poem Video

First came the Boom a video shot by Jeff Getner
and then the Boom Boom shot by Paul Corbit Brown and edited by The Web Theater.

The Web Theater

I hope you will watch these videos and be moved to share your voice in the dialogue for environmental “rights” and women’s “rights”.

One poem at a time. Small things matter….

Boom Boom,

The CreativeTYPE: Valley Girl Heidi Richardson Evans

I recently started a new job  with West Virginia State University as the “Extension Service Interim Assistant Director for Development” — long title for fundraising and marketing.

It feels good to be back on campus — the place I wrote Valley Girl, A Poem For Pia inspired by the juxtaposition of a chemical plant and college.  It was here, at WVSU that I started to develop a passion for environmental issues, in fact it was a class assignment that I wrote Valley Girl, the poem.

Because of that class assignment (thanks Dr. Ford-Ahmed) the Director of the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) was present and published my first poem in the OVEC newsletter. Thirteen years later,  I serve on the OVEC Board.

Things  come full circle – or maybe there is a lesson here at WVSU I missed as a student and am back again.  I’m not sure where this road is going, but everyday as I pull into the parking lot I recognize (again) the sheer genius of another WVSU alum  – the artist for my book, Heidi Richardson Evans.

Institue, WV This is my parking lot view.  It’s representative of the chemical valley industry  in the Kanawha Valley which is why I claim and call myself, a “Valley Girl”.

I totally am, for sure to the max, a Valley Girl.

Heidi Richardson Evans is a Valley Girl too, she’s also a fine artist, designer, and blogger, who created both the cover art and poetry text layouts for my book.

Valley Girl by Crystal GoodHeidi says, the cover art is a  “Chemical Valley Sunset” and is a composite drawing of chemical plants in “Chemical Valley,” in Kanawha County, WV with textures of oil slicks and metal corrosion and acidic colors against natural textures. She used this technic to illustrate the tension in WV between industry and the environment.

Heidi is amazing, she “gets” me and I love working with her because it’s an intuitive process for us. And, she loves paper and text as do I.  She explored typography in the interior of Valley Girl- she is very well known for using digital fonts and hand lettering in her art to create a visual expression of the rhythmic patterns in my poetry.

The interior text was important to me because I needed her visual expression of rhythmic patterns  for people to “get” my cadence on the page. We used text and font like musical notes to clue the reader. We made music with Valley Girl.

Heidi says I am her muse, well… shes totally is mine.  Visit Heidi at daisybones.com, and like her Facebook page, Daisybones: Art + Words by Heidi Richardson Evans.

Appalachian Mountain Advocates

This week I journey to Lewisburg, WV for the  Appalachian Mountain Advocates Nov. 17the Boom Boom fundraiser.

I love Lewisburg. Its one of the coolest small towns in America.  Really. It is.

I’m honored that my poem, “Boom Boom,” inspired the title of the fundraising event. That’s pretty cool.

I’ll be accompanied by the Black Twig Pickers (http://www.blacktwigpickers.org)  and I am looking forward to getting a little mountain boogie on.

They say there will be regional autumn appetizers, along with beer, wine and fresh-pressed cider. 

Boom Boom!

Tickets for this special event are $75 in advance, $100 at the door. To purchase your ticket in advance, either send a check to Appalachian Mountain Advocates, P.O. Box 507, Lewisburg, WV 24901, or click on the Donate Now button on our website (http://www.appalmad.org), donate the appropriate amount, and then send an email to info@appalmad.org alerting us to the donation and giving the names of those attending.

Facebook Event Page:https://www.facebook.com/events/290271371088486

Valley Girl – New Video & Book Cover Sneak Peek!

Crystal is in Virginia today for the Virginia Festival of the Book. Students at James Madison University will be studying and discussing her poetry chapbook, Valley Girl, at the Furious Flower Poetry Center.

You may not be in Harrisonburg today, but you can hear Crystal read her poetry (from 11-11-11)  in this new video; you can also catch a glimpse of the beautiful new book cover art by West Virginia artist Heidi Richardson Evans!

Haven’t ordered your book yet? Don’t wait, the first print run may be gone soon after the Festival wraps, so email edg@longridgeeditors.com today!

“Zero” – a poem for Tunk players

This is one of my favorite poems — it takes me back to the days of  high school 7th period study hall.

If you play Tunk, this poem is for you.


You go,

You pluck,

Quit reading my cards.

Two of a kind doesn’t count

Ace, King, Queen, Jack of Hearts

I bet you a lifetime, flashlight kisses.

Shuffle. Cut. Tap.

Your luck is running out.

Watch out for the death card.

Quit holding spreads.

Drop. Hit.

Wait your turn. Talk some shit.

Tunk out. New game.


(c) Crystal Good


Affrilachian Poet and native West Virginian Crystal Good reads “BOOM BOOM,” a poem reflecting on strip mined mountains and women who take off their clothes for money.

Good says, “I see the mountain as a woman. This poem is about strip mining as much as it is about gender.  A heavy equipment operator working on an above ground mine site is doing what he feels he has to do — sometimes life doesn’t give us many options and sometimes the consequences of few employment options are more than we expected. It’s hard for a stripper to reclaim her reputation — it’s impossible to put back a stream or a mountain top once it’s gone.” (Unedited video: Jeff Getner.)

Crystal serves on the board of directors for the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC).  OVEC’s mission is to organize and maintain a diverse grassroots organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the environment through education, grassroots organizing and coalition building, leadership development and media outreach.

Ending mountain top removal and valley fill strip mining is a major work focus for OVEC.  Visit OVEC’s photo galleries to gain a better visual understanding of the massive destruction of West Virginia’s mountains.

Let’s Get It Started!

Well folks, it’s that time again — the Greenbrier Classic weekend in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, and the Black Eyed Peas are performing.  I guess it’s no co-inky-dink that I would win the CAFE (Creative Arts Funding Endeavor) Huntington with my BOOM! BOOM! poem.  It’s was truly Ferg-o-licious.

I walked away with over $300 in cash to publish my Valley Girl book and plenty of motivation.  The support of CAFE has not only encouraged me, but got it also got me off my bum to write my first post.

If it were not for Doug Lavender of the Herald Dispatch who wrote a little article on me and mentioned my (then-dormant) domain, www.crystalgood.net, I would still be “trying” to get my blog together.  Now I AM getting it together.

Thank you, Huntington!


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