Given the MTV WV Reality Show Buck Wild discussion across the internet and mainstream media, I’m thinking  about my own poetic portrayal of WV. I think my little Rand Poem offers more insight into the persons, places and things that are WV.

Have a read and if you are curious about this little town take a look at the: Google Map of Rand, WV.

Rand Poem
for the Block Project

By Crystal Good


Living in a time warp

Stuck  between an 18k gold dome, a pot hole

River water breading champions/like rabid packs of dogs.

Unincorporated/ Person/ Place/ Thing
Rand, Dub Vee

People wave and call it a community,

Sending charcoal smoke signals, We              Are      Here!
It’s the safest and scariest place you’ll ever know

Poor they say, but you won’t go hungry, Amen.

Paper plates serve the best food you’ll ever eat.
Rand, West Virginia, where time stands still……………..

just long enough for the Sheriff to pass
And the Mountains so high you can’t help but look to God

This is an outsider’s village, inside the segregation zone.

No one can ever really leave Church or Starling Drive.

It don’t matter if your Daddy’s house gets foreclosed/ you make it on national TV

It’s a place you call home (even if its collect, they will accept)

Life is simple. You’re expected to visit your Mamma/ to wash and wax your car/ dodge and stay alive.

Good ole boys with oil on hand busy with not much to do. Lemonade a quarter, December barbecues  pick up games and I can run faster than you.

Whatcha heard? It’s true. Somebody’s Auntie is always talking about you know who!

Mayberry on crack, ya’ that too, cause Rand got pimps and prostitutes.

From Athens to Bluefield to Clemson. Davidson, Emory, Glenville, Harvard, Kenyon, Marshall. Nine avenues dream university so YOU can too.

Baby Jesus walks everywhere saying, “Hello, hello have a nice day!”

As the sirens sound and the good people all shelter in place/ with fishing poles/ rolls of duck tape, just beneath the sign that reads,

Home of  NFL SUPERBOWL Great.

(c) CrystalGood