Well folks, it’s that time again — the Greenbrier Classic weekend in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, and the Black Eyed Peas are performing.  I guess it’s no co-inky-dink that I would win the CAFE (Creative Arts Funding Endeavor) Huntington with my BOOM! BOOM! poem.  It’s was truly Ferg-o-licious.

I walked away with over $300 in cash to publish my Valley Girl book and plenty of motivation.  The support of CAFE has not only encouraged me, but got it also got me off my bum to write my first post.

If it were not for Doug Lavender of the Herald Dispatch who wrote a little article on me and mentioned my (then-dormant) domain, www.crystalgood.net, I would still be “trying” to get my blog together.  Now I AM getting it together.

Thank you, Huntington!


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