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Crystal the Entrepreneur is the CEO and founder of Mixxed Media, a mission-driven emerging startup boutique marketing and consulting firm seeking to disrupt the status quo through innovations in media, publishing, government relations, community engagement, Crystal Good Ideas™! in addition to numerous social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Interview From The State Journal

The State Journal: What is your biggest day-to-day challenge?

Crystal Good: Explaining what I “do”! I’m a difficult brand for people to categorize. But, my day-to-day challenges are in finding the best online tool for whatever I need. Whatever your pain, there is probably an app, program or tool that can help to streamline your day to day business/life needs. And, if there isn’t, perhaps there is a business opportunity … . I was fortunate to work with business coach Veronica Conway ( who guided me toward many online resources that have made managing my business and life easier, for example

TSJ: What has been your proudest professional success?

Good: Besides taking the leap of faith to start Mixxed Media, I would say landing Aetna as a client for Mythology (whom I used to work for). Aetna didn’t care that we were in West Virginia; they hired the best consultants regardless of location and that showed me that you can live in West Virginia and work for clients anywhere in the world. The challenge then becomes creating a strategy that will position a small business to do business development from West Virginia. And, winning 40 under 40 was professionally validating, too.

TSJ: What trends do you see on the horizon for your field?

Good: I’m paying attention to #SocialBusiness and #digitaldemocracy. My field, in a way, is dialogue — either as a poet, a social media strategist or advocate. I believe more tools will be developed to guide dialogue and process these conversations with social analytics. I believe more value will be placed on crowd sourcing ideas.

TSJ: What advice do you have for someone starting out in your field?

Good: Ideas and collaboration toward ideas are my greatest skill set. I know and value that everything starts with an idea. Everything! And, I believe my good idea can lead to your better idea and we can find the best idea. Yet, creative thinkers are not always valued because it’s difficult to prove Return On Investment in a brainstorming session, but this is where I know the opportunity for profit and return begins. Time and again I find myself across the table from a CEO or a team that say they have invited me because they have “no ideas.” I would say to someone who is a mission-driven entrepreneur: Your ideas are valuable and your ideas can improve the world. Ask questions, ask more questions, analyze and speak last. Always be prepared to explain how your idea can lead to a profit or a return for your client.

artist, advocate, entrepreneur
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Crystal Good is a poet, entrepreneur, activist and mother of three who has been hailed as “Appalachia’s Future Poet Laureate”.

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artist, advocate, entrepreneur