When a homeless man called Elizabeth walks into your office and asks you to help him find his family after 30 years – what do you do?

You say a prayer, like his family did for three decades that Elizabeth will get home — and then you send that prayer with hope and expectation just before you start Googling.  At least that’s what I did.

People always ask me about calling myself a “Quantum Christian”  —  It’s hard too  explain but its in the little things, little things like prayer that make me call my self a Quantum Christian”.  I believe in intercessory prayer and that prayer is everywhere and available to everyone and anytime —  prayer follows some “spooky” QP logic defying the laws of reality of classic physics. Particles are connected as are we.

If you need “proof”  that intercessory prayer works or maybe your faith just needs encouraged please read this story by the talented Douglas Imbrogno: Elizabeth & George