My Fantasy Editorial Board. Who’s on Yours?

As a writer poet, I have established a fantasy editorial board to read, review and comment on my work.  Sometimes, if I’m lucky, these fine souls actually deliver constructive critiques that help me reveal my truths.

Like every writer, I strive to maintain high standards in my writing and yet also to be myself.  A big part of being true to myself is being able to share my stories and my experiences while always staying mindful of how I present West Virginia and Appalachia; doing so with honor, integrity and humor is one of my highest goals.

You will see several well-known West Virginians on my fantasy editorial board list of names, as well as some outright imaginary characters, and folks in between.

When my new print run of Valley Girl poems and my Quantum Valley essay are complete,  I’m going to need my board’s feedback!

You can have your dream advisers, too.  All it takes is a little mindful meditation and strategic consideration.  (The best part is, they won’t turn you down.)   Following is a list of my dream advisers.

I’m curious to know, who is on your fantasy editorial board?

Famous West Virginians:

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

T.D. Jakes

Dr. Ancillia Bickley (WV Affrilachian historian)

Bill Withers


Nikky Finney

Kevin Powell (writer, cultural critic)

Jessica Care Moore (poet/artist/rock star/friend)

Russell Simmons (I have ambitions to tell a hip/hop mountaintop removal story on Global Grind)

The Affrilachian Poets

My sons

Grandma June (my other mother and creative guide)

CCK (one of my best friends)

Dr. Ngene at West Virginia State University

Nikky Finney

Hallie Chillag (one of my smartest friends)

Jeff James (my boss)

Girl Crystal (the younger me)

Grandma Crystal (the older me)

Muses who’s names I shall not speak, lest they disappear……

Image credits:  Harvard University,

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One Response to My Fantasy Editorial Board. Who’s on Yours?

  1. Jeff James says:

    Well…I’m honored, but not worthy, to be on this list. However, I’m looking forward to the stipend.

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